Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random GH spoiler musings and GO PATRIOTS!

There are tons of new spoilers out there-- confirmed or not, I don't know...but I keep chaning my thoughts about this text killer, and I do agree with Karen's rumor that alternate endings may be in place with even the cast not knowing!

Right now, this is my vote: Coop-- perhaps nuts from Iraq and can get rehabbed as a character for having PTSD? They've done crazier things! Or Coop hired by Alcazar (who is secretly alive somewhere) to eliminate women in Sonny's life, and once he has a taste for killing again, he goes after Maxie for cheating on him, then kills Georgie because she's on to him. OR Coop avenging everyone around Sonny for Sonny hurting Brenda? And Jax hurting Brenda? Ah well, let the scabs or the producers figure it out and write it! It may really not be written yet at all.

2nd killer-- Max. Can't have Carly...can't go on without her. Snapped. Working to ruin Sonny also.

I was going with the rogue cop Cruz theory-- and this could still be so.

Ok- back to my books! I just finished two good ones:

I have to go shovel again! Hubby is out getting paid to remove snow, so someone has to do it here, bad back or no! I can't get out the back door! Snow blows, lol!


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