Wednesday, December 26, 2007

General Hospital BUZZ and I don't mean Steve Burton's haircut!

There are a ton of new scoops out there, and I've sent them to Karen for her to make sense of. She understands the show better than I do at this point in time. All I read made my head spin! There's a ton of backstage and behind the scenes info. Methinks they could use the behind the scenes stuff as fodder for the actual show.

I've read and seen previews about fire, bombings, babies, hide-outs, mobs, drugs, Logan isn't a killer, backstage ad libs, scab writers, engagements, relationships, JFP emails (love that one, he heh) and MORE.

Check in at Wubs, probably tomorrow morning or afternoon, unless Karen gets ambitious tonight. She may not even be online until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm reading like mad-- have over 30 books waiting for me, and 57 more en route. I think I have an addiction-- or else it's an excuse to not start the 2 books I have plans to write. I do have a friend to keep me on track with that, starting January 1. Also joining a writer's group for encouragement and feedback. Yay. Something positive!

I have no cool pictures to share today-- but if you are up late and want something interesting and different to listen to, find Coast to Coast on your local radio station (airs at 1 am on WRK0 here) for a discussion about the presidential candidates and their UFO related experiences, plus info on UFO documents released by the Clinton Library. Coast To Coast

Have a good night!
The More Books the Better

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