Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's been awhile

Sorry to not have posted in days. Just feeling my back pain and having icky weather and no motivation. Has anyone ever tried Jointflex for arthritis pain? I just bought some-- $19.99!! But a money back guarantee, so I figured it's worth a try.

GH is pretty much boring me to tears, but I try to watch some of it. The whole Emily thing is just creepy. What is she- a zombie?

It doesn't look like the writer's strike is going to end soon. Good thing I enjoy House repeats on Tuesday night! I'd love a doc like Greg House on daytime TV!

Well- have a good day. Maybe I'll post again if this Jointflex stuff works on my back and leg!

The More Books the Better
ps- I just had to return some library books- unread---that's how not "myself" I am!

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