Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unlax and Rewind

Feeling a little holiday stress? Then it's time to Unlax and Rewind!
Suggested reading:

For your viewing pleasure:

Or, you could do what I'm doing today and watch the Spacewalk-- should be about 6 hours on NASA TV. This is the ISS Expedition Spacewalk and is airing now on NASA TV which you can also watch on the web. Way cool!

I did spend the requisite few minutes going back and forth between Regis and Kelly and The Ellen Degeneres show this morning. Regis reminded me of a preview I saw last night for the new Jack Nicholson movie "The Bucket List". Since one of my all time favorite actors, Sean Hayes is also in this movie, I will brave the elements to see it as soon as possible. Meantime, I'm going to think about my own personal "bucket list" and will update you when it's decided! Now, Ellen was just pure fun with Carmen Electra, showing exercises you can do in bed! Ellen had an adorable "Hello Kitty" bed, and she had a good point-- if you were just listening to the audio of the show, you'd hear a whole different show! If Ellen hasn't aired yet in your neck of the woods, be sure to catch it when you can!

Creepiest picture of the week-- you pick!

Photo from TMZ.com

These poor kitties were actually cloned in Korea to glow in the dark!

Miscellaneous notes-- anyone know where I can get a Tofurky on the North Shore in MA in time for Christmas? Trader Joe's isn't carrying them this holiday! We had one for Thanksgiving and it was great!

Oh- and pssst--- I did watch GH again for about 2.5 minutes on SoapNet, and I swear I could see Georgie's eyelids flutter slightly when Spinelli was trying to see if she was breathing! Did you see it? Absolutely meaningless- just made me wonder why they didn't have the extra heavy glue on the false eyelashes to help Lindze keep still!

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