Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Endless Day- Silhouettes of Gray

It's dark and dreary here, but nothing like on GH! I made it through the whole show today AND even rewatched Friday's episode this morning.
Loved Karen's comment on her blog about Luke's heart attach being a bit Fred Sanford!
It was good to see his interaction with Anthony though- quite amusing. I also loved that he couldn't manage to tell Logan it was his heart attack, he had to bang on his chest, but he could tell Scott to go to hell!

So, Emily's solutions for Luke-- aspirin, that's a good start. Edward's heart medication? Never a good idea to take someone elses meds-- he could have a fatal reaction. They just happen to keep a portable defibrilator at Wyndemere? Is this for Alfred or what? Where is he supposed to be anyway-- did I miss something about Alfred?

Now Jax- he must be 90 percent cat. He uses more lives- plane crashes, kidnappings, lost at sea, beatings..I can't even recall them all. It would be too funny if a mermaid saved him and he fell in love with her and forgot all about Carly!

I kept thinking Liz must be freezing in that gown out in the barn. Why doesn't "Gentleman Jason" give up his nice warm zipped up coat??

Between Lucky and Nikolas, Wyndemere is going to need a lot of new furniture.

Happy Monday!

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