Friday, November 16, 2007

TGIF! Spoilers and You Tube cuts

The above are two of my favorite Youtube videos from the Black and White Ball. Both feature the Evil Crazy Anthony Z-- love his facial expressions--when he says "Uh oh" when Johnny tries to shoot him and the gun is empty...and loved the hand puppet talking scene with Nik, Sam and Lucky! The writing is great, the acting wonderful and truly over the top!

Some spoilers from Linda Hirsch- found these on Soapzone this morning-- kudos to the Zone posters who are way more on top of things than I am these days! I used to have stuff 3 weeks or more in advance...those were the days! Anyone remember the old Soap Opera Magazine chats..I think they were Friday afternoons, and they'd feed us scoops as soon as they were faxed in...and sometimes Nancy Lee Grahn would just pop in and visit. There just isn't fun like that anymore...well, except for all the fun Karen creates on!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason and Zacchara engage in a vicious fight, with Jason eventually getting the upper hand and firing two shots into Zacchara's chest. Zacchara dives off the turret and lands on the awning below, barely clinging to life. Robin uses a portable defibrillator to jumpstart Luke's heart before he's evacuated off the island. Luke undergoes emergency surgery, but Tracy learns he still isn't out of the woods and will need a bypass. Johnny seals his fate when he aligns himself with Trevor. Nikolas is distraught after finding Emily's body in his bed. Carly, Jason and Lulu realize there really is a text message killer on the loose. Skye takes action when Ric refuses to submit to surgery until he knows that Alexis is OK. Ric and Alexis decide to try to be friends for the sake of their daughter. Carly decides she, Jax, Mike and Bobbie should give the boys a perfect Thanksgiving Day. Although yearning for one another, Patrick and Robin go their separate ways on the holiday. Lulu and Logan share an unconventional Thanksgiving together.
SNEAK PEEK: Luke disappears.

Ok- then--a Perfect Thanksgiving, that will make it all ok for The Boys. That's about all I have to say other than thank goodness for horse meds, portable defribillators and other Emergency Supplies. Get yours here (well not the horse meds of course!)Some are just too funny, others very serious and every home should have at least one! Now if someone would just buy the first one for Wyndemere, baby could have a new pair of shoes!

Thoughts on Thursdays show:

The way characters are leaving, dying whatever, I would think we'd be seeing new opening credits for the new year. Even the hairstyles are dated on most characters on the current run. I know they say it costs a fortune to make new credits, but geez, I would think even an enterprising fan could do it for next to nothing on the net!

When Lulu had that big old stick at the ready to swing at whoever came her way, all I could hear in my head was "Lulu, walk softly dear, but carry a big stick" in her mother's voice!

Just how much hair product do the guys have at this ball? They all look great...and almost no one looks like they need a shave after, what is it, 11 hours! I still haven't gotten over Jax bounding down the stairs the other day all dry and did he get up the stairs? I saw a funny post somewhere on the Zone where it was suggested that he found a surf board and rode a wave up onto the parapet! Creative!

I was thinking that Kate must share the same hair products because her 'do never got mussed even after hot sex with Sonny. That castle must be damp in this weather too.
At least at the end that darn flower was out of her hair and she was messed up looking when she was with AZ. Still looking defiant though- that's one Tough Cookie.

As Karen said on her blog "NOW Liz finds the horse tranquilizers? " Never mind Ric's pain, Alexis, Luke..Leyla...NOW she finally finds them? Which leads me to another question-- where is dear old Sheba during this? How exactly did Nurse Liz know immediately just how much to put in the syringe-- did she just guess Nik's weight versus that of Sheba? Speaking of Nik's weight, how the heck did tiny Liz support him while he was making his way to sit down?

Loved it when Jerry ran out of bullets during his shootout with AZ-- he just said "Damn"... yeah, right....I know this isn't HBO, but couldn't he have muttered more under his breath or at least said "freaking damn"?

Lulu/Johnny-- they, when all is over with, could volunteer at GH together and form a support group to help adult children of parents with mental illness. It would be a very good community service, would help them both and give them a safe place to bond.
Seriously. A good idea.

As for Sonny-- well, isn't he something telling Kate how much he likes doing things illegal-- no matter what the cost. Wake up and smell the coffee-- he means even YOU Kate. Run, Kate, Run.

Jason's eyes look ready to leak over Emily!! I wonder if he packs a monogramed hanky along with his gun? Sonny and Jason so needed to hug over their grief...I kept waiting for it...almost, almost... nope. When Liz was holding Emily's hands and then kissed her forehead, Jason's head titled like an inquisitive puppy, and I wished we could hear him thinking "Aww, my girlfirend just kissed my poor dead sister, how sweet is that.... followed by EEEWWWWWWWWWW"


you know who! said...

Kate's hair...a source of constant amazement! LOL
I just ordered from Amazon, bitch! LOL

A said...

I thought that the front door was up the steps. I think everyone entered by walking down the steps into the parlor. If the front door was at the bottom of the steps, then everyone would be even more sure it was the Quartermain mansion which we already know.