Friday, November 2, 2007

Commercials anyone?

There I was, happily watching Ugly Betty last night-- when what appears on my screen? CHRISTMAS commercials! First one for Lowe's for decorating ideas, and then one for Walmart for gifts! One freaking day after Halloween. My husband didn't believe me until he saw the Lowe's commercial while he was watching Sponge Bob or something in the other room!

That got me to thinking about commercials. They are often my favorite part of GH! Especially when they show the various Happy Cow ads! Gotta love those! I've been looking on YouTube for the new one with the Meditating Duck saying "Oommm" and the cows telling it that it is saying it backwards-- its "Moooo"... no luck finding it yet, but there is a good write up of the whole campaign on Forbes, Oct 1. Just Google it and you'll find it.

Then I thought some more. We've gone back and forth between having DirecTV and Comcast recently. I'm starting to notice that you see ads for DirecTV only on DirecTV and for Comcast only on Comcast. While I can understand why this is, wouldn't it make more marketing sense to advertise your product on the competitions system? Free market and all. Oh the FCC probably has some rule or other. OH, who cares anyway?

GH-- well it's on Soapnet again right now and I can't seem to stay in the room. Is Anthony really in that Suit of Armor or just hiding weapons there? Sonny is perfectly dry and doesn't seem to have been bothered by the big storm. Hmmm...could he have been hiding out there the whole time at Wyndemere? He knew about the ball in advance and it would be a great place to hide and play dead or missing! Kates dress and hair-- awful. 'nuf said on that. Diane should be there in her designer original! Where the heck is Helena??? OK then, Alexis has no scars from her cancer surgery? She can wear a dress like that with nary a scar in sight?. OH WELL-- maybe they'll have some new Christmas commercials during GH this afternoon!

Meantime-- for your viewing pleasure, here's a Happy Cow ad from YouTube!

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Sarah said...

It is a sad day when commercials are better than General Hospital! Maybe the writer's strike will last long enough to bring in some different writers who will cross the lines and change the show.
Glad to have you back Laura! You've been missed!