Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Say What?

Gene Lavancy, Fox 25 News

Gotta love the Fox 25 Morning News here in Boston. Within 3 minutes after rolling out of my nice warm bed and turning on the news to see the weather for today I heard/saw the following:

1) That Ted Kennedy is going to write his memoirs and be paid gazillions of dollars. (Say what? Does he, like, actually remember stuff? Who's the ghostwriter?)

2) The lead singer of Quiet Riot's death does not appear suspicious. He did have a history of substance abuse. (Say what? A rock star with a substance abuse issue?)

3) There's actually a diner (think 50's and 60's) in Allston with a 1980's theme! It's called The Breakfast Club and features 80's food and music. Among the most popular music are The Breakfast Club Theme and Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield.
(Say WHAT? I'm hungry now-- those hash browns look good! Where the heck is Allston anyway? Can I catch a ride?)

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