Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wubqueen Scoops

~The Aftermath~ Edward goes after Nikolas, Everyone comes to the memorial. Liason make love, Nikolas sees Emily everywhere...a diagnosis is coming on his condition! Nikolas becomes like the brooding Stefan. Rumor has it the Real killer shows up at the funeral!

Edward goes after Nikolas. Ok, sounds like a fair fight-- raging maniac against old coot! Everyone comes to the memorial? Even Justus and assorted ghosts? The "Real" killer shows up-- is this going to become "Reality TV" now since the writer's are out? No comment on Liason, except will she get pregnant again? Seems it only takes once with those two!

*Take my hand and we'll jump!

Ok, Karen- you know I'd follow you anywhere!

**Jason saves Liz

With Super Sex?

**Who's strangling Carly?

Any number of people-- Kate, Jerry, Michael, Liz all come to mind.

**Jason will be devestated that Emily is dead, Liz is there for him.

Of course he's Sad Jason-- so is this when they make love. For comfort?

**The Q's say good-bye

What? Did I miss something else? Are they all leaving the show to move far far away?

**Nikolas holds a gun to himself.

He could've just asked Edward to do it. Or Jason.

**Sam plays the hero

An Everyday Hero or a Once in a Blue Moon Hero?

**Much happens in the wine cellar

Do all the casks break and people have to drink the wine to keep from drowning?

**Emily is found with a rope around her neck.

New fashion statement? Will she drag it around with her as a ghost?

**Ric and Alexis are on the mend...together!

To me this says side by side hospital beds-- or one big one with all their tubes etc entwined..

**Can Ric and Sonny reach an agreement?

Has hell frozen over?

**Skye pays her respects

Sounds straightforward, so will probably be twisted

**Nikolas is afraid if he gets treatment, he won't "see" Emily anymore

Why? Will the treatment blind him or just take away his third eye or Ghost Vision?

**Scott takes over for Ric

Again, straightforward, so probably twisted.

The Q's take comfort in baby Jake

Will he take over as head of ELQ and be the Sole Heir to the family fortune?

Sam wants 'justice' for Lucky

So--again-- does Justus show up at Emily's funeral and Sam wants him as Lucky's lawyer?

**Everyone thinks the killer is done...

Of course not! Too easy.

Luke has to change his ways

No more cigars, booze, hookers....what reason will he have to live?

Lucky realizes his sister kept the truth from him.

So what? Who didn't?

Lulu and Johnny spend time together.

Will Carly have another long "bad boy" talk with her as a result of this?

Carly fears Jax is lost at sea

Still hoping a mermaid saves him and he falls in love and forgets Carly!

More later-- Karen has too darn many scoops for my brain right now!

Happy Tuesday!



betts43 said...

Took me forever to figure out how to get a google account........LOL.
I'm not too bright.....I'm old so forgive me:) Glad you are back online. Poor Luke......he might as well shrivle up and die!

betts43 said...

This blog has me totally confused.........I keep trying to leave a comment and always foul up....let's see what happens this time.......I have said in my othere attempts to post a comment, I'm glad you're back:)

Laura said...

Hi Betts!
Good to hear from old friends!
You should have seen me trying to figure out how to start this blog-- so different from what I used to do AND I totally forgot my HTML coding...in the end though, it's easier for me! Well, usually!