Monday, November 26, 2007

Latest on Writers Strike Talks

The following was just posted this afternoon at the link below.

Deadline Hollywood Daily

Dare We Hope A Deal Has Been Struck...?
As the WGA strike begins its 4th week, I've been told positive news about today's resumption of contract talks between the writers and the producers. So positive, in fact, that I'm almost fearful to post it. But here goes: a very reliable source tells me that there appears to be a deal seemingly in place between both sides.

"It's already done, basically," the insider describes. That's because of the weeks worth of groundwork by the Hollywood agents working the writers guild leadership on one side, and the studio and network moguls on the other. I was told not to expect an agreement this week. But my source thought it was possible that the strike could be settled before Christmas.

Look, I don't want to raise false hope here. But this source has been very accurate in the past. The negotiations starting today will have a news blackout, so don't expect any significant leaks. But consider the real possibility there's been a breakthrough. Still, I must caution that this is Hollywood -- where defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory nearly every time.

Talks Restarted At Agent Bryan Lourd's Home After Weeks Of Quiet Backchannel
LET'S STRIKE A DEAL! Both Sides Agree To Go Back Into Talks
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