Monday, November 5, 2007

If you could write for TV, would you...

Would you cross the picket line? Would you throw rotten fruit and veg at Bob Guza?
Would you ask for fans to submit storylines, lawsuits be damned?

Here's the latest:

ABC's daytime dramas -- "One Life to Live," "General Hospital" and "All My Children" -- also are set through the beginning of the year.

"ABC's daytime dramas are written well into the new year, and we will continue to produce original programming with no repeats and without interruption," an ABC Daytime spokesperson said.
This from Snark Weighs in:
The bigger question is what happens if the strike lasts beyond January. Despite what the ABC spokesperson suggests, January is only 1/12th of the new year. It appears that those in daytime don't want to think about that. If I were them, I wouldn't want to think about it either.

So, what is ABC's contingency plan? Entertainment Weekly might have a clue. They obtained a memo yesterday from ABC Studios to writers informing them of their legal rights a.k.a. how to be a dirty scab and get away with it.

"We encourage writers to work," the memo says. "The decision whether to join or not join the strike is an individual decision for each person to make." The memo also adresses the question of whether replacement writers a.k.a. more scabs can be hired. "This is not the studio's preferred choice," says the memo. But, they don't disavow it either.

So, after early media reports that all three networks would yank soaps once they ran out of episodes, maybe--MAAAAAAAAAAYBE--ABC is planning a little trip to Scabtown after all. Oh, wouldn't that be fun!

Back to me here-- isn't Snark fun? I remember back in the day when Snark quoted The Hollywood Reporter about my report about Sarah Brown leaving GH-- remember the "Jaws Dropped on the GH set as verbal sparring ensued..." Now that was fun.

Ok- what would I do right now for GH-- use the Mystery Skank from the Simpsons last night somehow!Mr. and Mrs. Simpson

Homer and Marge attend marriage counseling. When arriving home, Homer locks himself in the bathroom and communicates on a hidden flat screen television, where it is revealed Homer, an assassin, is assigned to eliminate the reporter, Kent Brockman, by order of his boss, Mr. Burns. When he arrives at the party, a woman with large blonde hair (who Homer dubs "the Mystery Skank") however, kills Kent Brockman instead. After Homer attempts to repeatedly shoot the woman, he manages to shoot the wig off her head, revealing it is Marge, also an assassin. Arriving home, the two avoid each other's eyes, and Marge makes an excuse for the blonde wig. Not long after, the two attempt to kill one another with various weapons such as grenades, rifles, and machine guns. After killing Chief Wiggum, the two realize they are more attracted with one another when they kill someone together. For this, they soon begin "snuggling" over Chief Wiggum and they both realized that they did not need any marriage counseling, but to kill people together. In the end, it turns out that they were not talking to a marriage counselor, but to Principal Skinner regarding Bart's misbehavior. Both Homer and Marge turn a blind eye to Bart's misbehavior and shoot Principal Skinner instead.

Just because-- the writers may Fly By Night!

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