Monday, November 26, 2007

Writer's Strike update

Entertainment Weekly

EW reports the following:

WGA Strike Talks Resume
The Writers Guild of America will hold formal negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers today for the first time since Nov. 4
Talks between the striking Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers are set to resume today (Nov. 26) under a media blackout at an undisclosed neutral site. The meeting marks the first time the two sides will negotiate formally since the strike began on Nov. 4. There is no word as to whether talks are scheduled to continue on Tuesday. In the meantime, WGA will resume picketing today after breaking last Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. The dispute revolves around the sharing of revenue generated by new media projects. In addition to causing scores of television projects to be put on hold indefinitely, the strike has also started to bleed into the movie industry, prompting production halts on major features like Ron Howard's DaVinci Code prequel Angels and Demons, Oliver Stone's Pinkville, and Warner Bros.' Shantaram, which stars Johnny Depp. As of last week, the ''Get Back in That Room'' website had logged more than 460 strike-related dismissals. (Variety)

My thoughts you ask? "a media blackout and an undisclosed neutral site"... huh? Is this the Mideast Peace Talks or soemthing? C'mon- it's entertainment and the talks are probably way more interesting than the actual TV shows and movies! More fun to report on. Whose the scrooge keeping the lid on things today? Freedom of the Press! Where's Matt Drudge when you need him? Gotta go check out the "Get Back in That Room" website just because I love the name!

I had a really fun morning at the Beverly Public Library in Beverly, MA. There was an event with three authors from the Sisters In Crime New England Chapter and I promise a couple of pictures and a recap soon!

The More Books the Better

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