Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday GH

Ohh..2:59 and almost time....insert eerie music here....

So Elizabeth is not only worried about lying to Lucky and Jason, she's upset that she lied to their son. What is he 8 or 9 months old, if that? I'm sure he won't hold it against her!

The makeup department must be getting overtime and extra pay for all the bruises, contusions, and blood being used. I wonder if they have a good plastic surgeon on staff at GH to fix people up!?

Carly is so sure she'd know if Jax was dead. Yeah, uh huh, just a little while ago she was mooning over Sonny again.

Sonny and Kate were teen lovers.. well in real life he is 6 years older than she is. I guess we can safely figure Connie/Kate was 13 and Sonny 19! He does like them younger.

I couldn't help but laugh at Nik proclaiming "There's a lunatic running around here". Yet-- pot meet kettle!

I missed a whole segment to take a phone call-- when I came back Logan was there to bring Lulu to Luke and Spinelli was spouting weird things as usual. Then Robin has some crazy vision. What is up with that? Is Nik contagious or something? Next scene is Emily still wandering around looking for Nik. Doesn't she live there now? Wouldn't it be rather smart to go find some more appropriate clothes than that darn gown she has to hold up to take a step. She sure couldn't run very fast if she had to.
So Super Leyla gets shot and is fine and awake to talk about it. If it was me I would have passed out cold the minute I felt the bullet hit!
Is Carly gonna deck Jerry again if he doesn't tell her every little detail about Jax going to the bottom of the sea. If Jax doesn't meet a mermaid, maybe he'll meet Charlie the Tuna who will save him!

Someone should really either tell Nik to tuck his shirt all the way in or untuck it completely. A Prince shouldn't look sloppy! Hey! There is Alfred with his Hot Red Radio! Now he needs a diamond earring or some other bling, a cool cane and some hip hop and maybe a top hat!

Jerry's story is very lame. Why would Carly even think of believing him? I'd be accusing him of pushing Jax under to drown.

Oh and Luke- yeah, lets give the guy some more booze to go with his heart medicine. Why haven't they given Leyla a shot or two for pain? Seems to be the pain killer of choice. Thought passed through my vast area between my ears that maybe they could have Tracey get hooked on pain killers for her back injury- like Alan was. Addiction does run in families.
Hehee..love Anthony taunting Lulu. The guy is a riot. She should have just hauled off and whacked him with whatever she is carrying...but then we wouldn't have had such laughs at his words about Luke!

Luke and Tracey are getting very sweet. I hope they don't overdo this.

For goodness sake why don't they take off Leyla's tight looking shoes? She'd be so much more comfortable.

Ok-- that's it for now! Have a good evening!

(and Sophie who helped me type today--she did the spell check, haha)_

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karen said...

I wondered how much older Mo was than Megan...but I think they are supposed to be almost the same age on the soap. They talk about leaving etc...